About us



Phoenix Bikes educates youth, promotes bicycling, and builds community.



Build young leaders, sweet bikes & healthy communities.


  • Opportunity:  We are committed to social justice and providing equal access to bicycling as a means of transportation and recreation.  We also believe in bringing new experiences and skills to all youth to promote a strong start in life.
  • Sustainability:  We operate with a sound business model and best practices of nonprofit management to ensure Phoenix Bikes is a community asset for decades to come.  As stewards of the environment, we make “being green”, such as recycling and reusing materials, a daily habit.
  • Collaboration:  Teamwork is the basis for how we work together.  We value our volunteers and seek partnerships within the bicycling and nonprofit community to increase our effectiveness and help others do the same.
  • Spirit:  Our shop and off-site programs are fun and welcoming places where innovation and creativity are encouraged.  We actively celebrate the successes of our youth and those in our community.
  • Grit:  We believe in hard work and strive for excellence in everything we do, persevering through setbacks.  Our goal is to continuously improve our programs and customer experience.

What’s next for Phoenix Bikes? Check out our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan HERE

Phoenix Bikes has two primary operations – one as a youth education program and the other as a community bike shop.


Youth Education Program:

Phoenix Bikes Earn-A-Bike programs teach 12-17-year-olds how to fix bikes and serve the DC Metro community. Youth can join at our shop location or at one of our Arlington and Alexandria City Public School partner bike clubs. All participants get a healthy dose of:

  • Learning – Youth in the shop take on new challenges, use both academic and practical skills, acquire analytical problem solving skills, and engage in operations management.
  • Community Service – Youth learn to plan, develop, and complete a bike project from start to finish with its donation providing a direct impact on the Arlington Community.
  • Healthy Peer Interaction – Learning to work together as a team, participants gain confidence, appreciate diversity, and develop healthy, long-term friendships.
  • Fun – Our program is meant to build friendships and promote a healthy, active lifestyle among participants.

For more information, click here.


Community Bike Shop:

Through our storefront, we provide the DC Metro community with affordable, refurbished bikes and repair services. We have the largest selection of both used bicycles and used parts in the DC Metro area, and as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, proceeds directly support our youth programs.

We are a full service bike shop and can handle anything from a basic tune-up to a complete custom build.  Our basic tune-up is $76 (including a $20 parts allowance) and encompasses the adjustment of brakes, drive-train, wheels and bearing systems. Stop by and experience a different kind of bike shop!

We also help adults learn the art of bike mechanics.  For more information, check out the Community Programs page, or for other opportunities to get involved, click here.